me (─‿‿─)
me (─‿‿─)

Hey everybody! (◕‿◕✿)


OMG~ never tought that u want to know something about me. (╥_╥)

Thanks~~ kkkk (。◕‿◕。)











      My name is Lulu. (≧◡≦) acutally that's my nickname. haha :D

      I'm 16 years old. STILL A FREAKING TEENAGER!! :D

      I live in Switzerland. (It's in Europe, if u didn't know that ^^;; )

      I like Fashion, Japan, South Korea, Manga and more stuffs.... (─‿‿─)

      What I really love are kawaii things! omfg~~ ><

      I'm asian. ASIAN-POWERRR~~ kkk           

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    bluesakura (Dienstag, 22 Oktober 2013 19:18)

    Hallo ^w^ eine schöne seite~
    Und eine Asiatin? cool *-*
    Lg: Sakura