Drama Baby Drama!~~

Firs of all: I'm so sorry, guys!! >.>

I didn't post here new blogs for a very veery long time. T.T

But hey, i came back and hopefully i'll post more blogs. As you already have seen, I changed the layout of this site. Well, I really like it. It's so kawaii and pink ^3^ 

Do you Guys like it, too? 


Now it's about 7pm and i'm already very tired. Yesterday I played some games with a good buddy for more than 4 hours. Geez~~ haha, I'm a little gamergirl (n.n) hehe


Then later I was watching Kdrama until 4am. I know I'm dumb, why am I doing this?! xD But you surely know the feeling when you are kdrama addicted and really want to know what will happen next, right?


You're not alone~~~I know that feeling too, girl~~


anyway, I was watching the new Drama "Full House Take 2"!!! kyaaaahhh :D

I enjoyed the story.

But the Hair from Lee Tae Ik is really my opinion...and also the hair from Jang Man Ok / Michelle Jang in the beggining didn't suit her. She looked like an ajjuma (old woman) ._. But after a few episodes she had her hair straight and it looks very cute.

I totally recommend you this drama!  


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New handy baby!~~

yoyo !!

how's going? :3

this is my first blog! omg ><

at first I was searching how to make this blog.. -.- it took me hours (+twitter xD). AH! Right, what i acutally wanted to say was i've got a new handy!! bitch, that handy is soo..... cool? I don't kow.... ^^;; Before I had an Iphone 4.


This is samsung galaxy note.

It's quite big, nee~~

BUT, While I was watching the Kdrama 49 Days, i noticed that those actresses had the same handy like me! T.T. I was like OMG, WTF thats awesome >< haha... how crazy..xD






49 Days

okey... i didn't find a photo of them with that handy.


I also bought some stuff for school. i have to go to school on monday.. T.T

hmm.... any other interessting things.? nop, that was all. ^^ kkk


Have a good day~~



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